We will never send unsolicited email to the address you used to purchase Kamlock, and that email address will never be shared with any third-party unless required by law.

All payments are handled through a 3rd-party payment provider (Stripe). We do not store any payment or credit card information on our servers and all payment information is transferred over an encrypted connection.

When active (e.g. 'locked'), Kamlock needs to listen to all keyboard and mouse input on your computer. It never records or stores any keypresses, and neither does it transmit keystrokes over the Internet or through other means to any other person or program.

When 'unlocked' Kamlock does not monitor any keyboard or mouse input.

Kamlock will periodically check for updates online, which may include transmitting the version number of Kamlock that you are using. Kamlock may also verify your licence key over the Internet.