100% is based on the same principles as Don't Break the Chain.

It recognises that the best way to accomplish something or develop a skill is to work towards it every day. It's about developing good habits and slowly but steadily working towards your goals.

Where it differs from Don't Break the Chain is how it motivates you.

Don't Break the Chain motivates you by 'chain length' - that is, the number of days in a row that you have completed a task. As your chain grows, you are less likely to want to skip a day and 'break the chain'.

It's a great technique, but having used it for years I've found it to have a major flaw, which is that even with the best of intentions chains inevitably get broken, and when they do that break can be incredibly demotivating.

Especially for long chains, rebuilding them to their former glory can feel like a daunting task and there's a tendency to think "well, the chain is already at zero so having a rest for one more day won't hurt", and that day turns to two days and then a week and then before you know it it's been a month and you're no longer working towards your goals.

100% is designed to get around that problem. Instead of using consecutive days as a motivator, it calculates a 'dedication percentage' based on the number of days out of the previous 30 that you have completed a task, and your goal is to keep your dedication percentage at 100%.

If you miss a day, instead of being reset to zero, what you get is a drop in your dedication percentage and a message telling you how many days are needed to bring your dedication back up to 100%.

Because it only looks at the previous 30 days, as long as you keep doing your task then your dedication percentage will eventually get back up to 100%.

For example if you miss one day after 150 days of using 100% your 'dedication percentage' will drop to 97% and it will take 30 days of doing the task to get it back up to 100%.

Instead of a huge crash, you get a small blip and concrete steps for what you need to do to get back to 100%.

It’s a completely different feeling compared to the crash that can happen when a chain is broken, and as long as you are still dedicated towards achieving your goal you’ll want to get that number back up to 100% as soon as possible.

Don't Break the Chain is a great technique, and 100% has been designed to build on its core premise and overcome its main flaw.

Start using it today to help you achieve your goals.

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